V-KAIWA: Building a learning experience in Virtual Reality

We interviewed Seiya, one of the Co-Founders of an EduTech startup, V-KAIWA, and had a peek into his startup journey.


V-KAIWA is a virtual reality language learning startup. We contextualise lesson plans through an immersive virtual reality environment. The teacher and students are placed in different scenarios to facilitate learning – for example, in a restaurant or on a safari. To break it down – V-KAIWA is a combination of Virtual Reality and the Japanese word for communication which is “KAIWA”. So we connect you to a different language and help you learn how to converse in a totally new way.

10 Tips for Effective Networking

Now you know just how important networking is, we’re going to give you a head start on the tips and tricks of the trade.

Networking is essentially having a conversation with someone. There is no specific recipe you must use but there are secrets we’d like to share with you. We didn’t create three networking sessions for our attendees without some tips on how to optimise each conversation. 

The Importance of Networking

The Importance of Networking

It’s interesting how the concept of networking was natural to us even when we could barely speak. Cast your mind back to when you were little. Before you went to preschool, your human network was only your family. But on your first day of preschool, you met your first friend who introduced you to their best friend and that’s when your group of friends grew and grew and grew.

Essentially, networking in business is developing a system of support and contacts, building your contact base through events and other various social or business opportunities. The wider your network is, the more contacts you have in more places and the more support you have. It’s as simple as that. Still not convinced? Keep reading.