StartCon launches Pitch for $1 Million competition in Asia-Pacific, backed by Right Click Capital

StartCon launches Pitch for $1 Million competition in Asia-Pacific, backed by Right Click Capital

Launch of StartCon Pitch for $1 Million competition in Asia-Pacific, backed by Right Click Capital is the largest and most exciting Pitch Competition you’ll attend in 2018! Join us!!

3 Fiery Facts from StartCon 2017

Written by Catie McHugh | Fingerprint for Success

The curtains have closed on another incredible StartCon conference, so we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on a few of the events that really got us talking.

The depth of knowledge and experience offered by the keynote speakers was staggering, unveiling insights that can really boost the brain juice of founders and their teams.

One thing is for sure - the startup scene is not only alive and well in Australia, it’s a beast waiting to unleash incredible innovation on the world. Are you ready?

WipeHero: 2017 Startup of the Year

Last year, WipeHero participated in our Pitch Competition in the hopes of building their brand awareness and reach. This year, WipeHero's CEO, Reza Keshavarzi, stands on our main stage with the trophy for Startcon's 2017 Startup of the Year Award, held tightly in his hands. His journey proves that an idea comes far when the journey is filled with perseverance and supported by an incredible team. We caught up with Reza to gain an insight into how WipeHero grew and what he has sights on next. 

Fishburners swimming in celebration as they take home the Best Coworking Space award

Fishburners is Australia's largest community of scalable tech startups with 176 companies and 351 members. Their inclusive community and coworking space that is designed for all kinds of startups has won them their title as Best Coworking Space in the Annual StartCon Awards. We caught up with Fishburners CEO, Annie Parker, for a bit more insight into the space, and what to look out for in the coming year. 

Top 5 Christmas Present Ideas for your tech friends and colleagues

Christmas is literally around the corner and that means with only a week to go, the race is on to curate your collection of presents to give. We know tech is on the rise and it's been dominating the market, so here are a few tech ideas which will not disappoint. It might cost you a buck or two, but hey, it's the season of giving and Christmas cheer needs to spread far and near! 

Winners of the 2017 Annual Australasian Startup Awards

This year, StartCon was filled to the brim with over 3500 attendees, all soaking up the incredible vibe this year! 

Sydney, December 1st and 2nd saw Randwick Racecourse come to life. We had exhibitors, investors, founders, sponsors and attendees who came together to listen, share and learn with each other. Our speakers from all over the world delivered keynotes, spanning topics on growth, innovation and AI. 

As per all our previous years, our speakers who we had the pleasure of hearing delivered immensely rich in knowledge talks. The crowds were on the edge of their seat, donned with notebooks, laptops, ready to take notes. Amongst those who graced the stages was CEO and Founder of Tickled Media Roshni Mahtani on why women run better businesses, CEO of Crunchbase Jager McConnell on how to build trust and credibility in the early stages of a business and CEO of ZipMoney Larry Diamond on the rise of alternate payments. We also had author of The Effective Engineer, Edmond Lau, and his talk on redefining what it means to be an effective engineer and Antonio Garcia-Martinez , author of Chaos Monkey, teaching us how companies like Facebook, Twitter and everyone else in Silicon Valley really succeed. 

How you can improve your chance of startup success

Anyone who has founded a startup will tell you that there’s no easy road to success. There will be late nights, early mornings, and perhaps a few tears as you navigate yourself and your team through the ultimate business gauntlet.

And while it’s true that success is dependent on many things, some of which will be out of your control, our research found that a core foundation of entrepreneurial success lies in the motivations and attitudes of the founder. With the right education and coaching, you can work on your own attitudes and motivations in business to overcome obstacles and improve your chance of success.

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) can illuminate these attitudinal strengths and weaknesses, as well as detect the areas you could benefit from a co-founder or mentor to steer you in the right direction. Here's how we do it