Top 5 Christmas Present Ideas for your tech friends and colleagues

Christmas is literally around the corner and that means with only a week to go, the race is on to curate your collection of presents to give. We know tech is on the rise and it's been dominating the market, so here are a few tech ideas which will not disappoint. It might cost you a buck or two, but hey, it's the season of giving and Christmas cheer needs to spread far and near! 

Please note, prices listed are subject to change. 

1. Capture it all with the Gear 360 (from $229.99 USD)

From Samsung

From Samsung

Christmas is a time to capture all the moments with friends and family. Its 360 camera which is splash and dust resistant has a 4K video resolution to make sure your memories are crisp and perfect. 




2. Listen to your favourite tunes with a UE Boom (from $99 AUD)

From JB Hi-Fi and other participating stores 

From JB Hi-Fi and other participating stores 

It's no secret UE Booms are incredible speakers. Their ability to literally boom music and be the life of the party is something that has attracted its users for years. From the UE Roll ($99) to the UE Boom 2 ($167) to the UE MegaBoom ($268), find the perfect fit for you to listen and relax this Christmas holiday. 






3. Use that UE Boom to listen to the StartCon talks with the digital pass! ($59 AUD)

StartCon may be over, but the memories and the talks live on! We have our $59 digital pass ready to give you access to all the talks. It gives you the chance to experience the keynotes passed on by our international and domestic speakers across a range of topics. From David Scribner's 6 Common Marketing Stuffups You Don't Want to Repeat to Logan Young and Dennis Yu's talk on Facebook for Entrepreneurs, you don't want to miss out! 

StartCon talk on Main Stage at the Royal Randwick Racecourse, December 2017

StartCon talk on Main Stage at the Royal Randwick Racecourse, December 2017

4. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard ($69.27)


Microsoft has stepped up its game with a universal foldable keyboard so that you can type quickly and easily, just about everywhere. The keyboard connects with iPhones, iPads, Microsoft tablets and many more! Enjoy being able to flex your fingers and get work done with even more efficiency. 

5. Google Home ($128 AUD) 

From JB Hi-Fi and other participating stores 

From JB Hi-Fi and other participating stores 

Powered by the Google Assistant, the Google Home is ready to make your life even more efficient and in your reach. From controlling your lights to what music to play to wanting real-time information on the weather, sports and lots more, a Google Home is just what you need to tech it up this Christmas 

We hope you have an incredible holiday time with your family and friends because we sure are celebrating the end to yet another fantastic year! Thank you to all who came to StartCon and made this year a memorable one, here's to 2018! 

Winners of the 2017 Annual Australasian Startup Awards

This year, StartCon was filled to the brim with over 3500 attendees, all soaking up the incredible vibe this year! 

Sydney, December 1st and 2nd saw Randwick Racecourse come to life. We had exhibitors, investors, founders, sponsors and attendees who came together to listen, share and learn with each other. Our speakers from all over the world delivered keynotes, spanning topics on growth, innovation and AI. 

As per all our previous years, our speakers who we had the pleasure of hearing delivered immensely rich in knowledge talks. The crowds were on the edge of their seat, donned with notebooks, laptops, ready to take notes. Amongst those who graced the stages was CEO and Founder of Tickled Media Roshni Mahtani on why women run better businesses, CEO of Crunchbase Jager McConnell on how to build trust and credibility in the early stages of a business and CEO of ZipMoney Larry Diamond on the rise of alternate payments. We also had author of The Effective Engineer, Edmond Lau, and his talk on redefining what it means to be an effective engineer and Antonio Garcia-Martinez , author of Chaos Monkey, teaching us how companies like Facebook, Twitter and everyone else in Silicon Valley really succeed. 

How you can improve your chance of startup success

Anyone who has founded a startup will tell you that there’s no easy road to success. There will be late nights, early mornings, and perhaps a few tears as you navigate yourself and your team through the ultimate business gauntlet.

And while it’s true that success is dependent on many things, some of which will be out of your control, our research found that a core foundation of entrepreneurial success lies in the motivations and attitudes of the founder. With the right education and coaching, you can work on your own attitudes and motivations in business to overcome obstacles and improve your chance of success.

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) can illuminate these attitudinal strengths and weaknesses, as well as detect the areas you could benefit from a co-founder or mentor to steer you in the right direction. Here's how we do it

Building Communities, Not Customers - Founder of Watch Gang

Building Communities, Not Customers - Founder of Watch Gang

Matt Gallagher, is Founder of Watch Gang, a monthly watch subscription service.  Every month, subscribers receive a new watch valued more than their monthly fee. Having founded the company in September 2016, Matt reached the 100,000 watch shipped just 9 months into business. His subscription service is used around the world and by celebrities including Jamie Foxx. With such a straightforward business model, we asked Matt how he plans on fending off competitors in the market. 

How to make the most out of your time at StartCon

So you’ve managed to get your hands on some StartCon tickets this year? Welcome to your guide on how to make the most out of StartCon 2017. Like a Three Star Michelin Restaurant, we’re serving 9 different courses of learning and experiences so you can have a taste of just about everything.

Thursday Launch Party

Last year, we kicked off StartCon with a launch party on Thursday and we are bringing it back. Partnering with Techboard Rankings and MYOB, get ready for an incredible networking opportunity at our party to not only meet new people but to have fun and immerse yourself in the sociable, creative culture of the startup space. It will be held at The Sheaf in Double Bay from 5:30pm, catch more details here.

Attendee Information Package: What you need to know for StartCon

November is nearly over which means two things.

  1. Christmas is nearly here

  2. StartCon is about to kick off

And whilst we are also looking forward to the joyous Christmas holidays, StartCon is ready to start December the right way.

As an attendee, we want to try our best and look after you. So, here’s an information package we’re sending your way to make sure you are ready for a wild 2 days. Buckle up, the ride is about to begin!