Email Marketing 101: Chris Hexton Fireside chat

Email Marketing 101: Chris Hexton Fireside chat

"Startups aren't emailing enough" 

Over 50 StartCon entrepreneurs were in for a night of email marketing advice from CEO and Founder of Vero, Chris Hexton. 

Email Marketing is something that effects us all, as founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers. This was clear by the range of entrepreneurs in attendance: representing e-commerce, accounting, food tech, and mobile app development. 


For our first Sydney Fireside chat we were delighted to be hosted in the offices with the generous support of our first 3 sponsors: Freelancer, Warrior Forum, and Softlayer

The event began with the announcement of 2 new StartCon traditions, a group photo with our speaker and a special offer just for those in attendance. 

Our attendees received a one off discount to our next event as well as an exclusive offer for a free 2016 StartCon digital pass. A sure sign that attending StartCon events is definitely a worthwhile investment. 

As well as 2 hours of valuable networking Chris' talk also proved to be a hit. 

It was a great talk - I didn’t realise how much thought went into email campaign streams and what sorts of triggers are used. I have definitely taken a lot away from it
— Dave Cooper, StartCon attendee

After 45 mins of detailed conversation with Cheryl Mack, Head of StartCon, attendees were given an opportunity for Q&A. One attendee was keen to learn whether Chris saw value in buying lists for email marketing. His simple answer was "no". This opened the floor to entrepreneurs who were in a similar boat, keen to also impart their wisdom and lessons learnt from using such strategies.  

It was certainly a great first event for StartCon and we were thrilled to have so many great attendees who shared their entrepreneurship stories. 

The full write up of Cheryl & Chris' talk will be available online soon. 

The video will form part of our StartCon Digital Pass for 2016 which will be available for purchase shortly. 

Our next event is February 11th. Registration is still open here