5 Aussie HealthTech Startups that are doing something cool

5 Aussie HealthTech Startups that are doing something cool

Successful health tech start-ups are not only flying the flag for the blossoming entrepreneurs among us, but they’re also kicking some pretty phenomenal goals in their mission to improve our overall health.

Health tech start-ups across Australia are slowly but surely closing the stable door on healthcare issues before the horse has bolted by using mobile-based technology to make their innovative concepts a reality.  With increasing focus on the health, fitness and general wellbeing of Australians; the health tech movement is gaining serious momentum.

Here’s our list of the top five health tech start-ups that are doing something very cool for Australia.

1. Hit 100

Launched in Australia in March 2016, Hit 100 creates personalised meal plans and delivers healthy, nutrition-specific meals directly to the doors of Type One and Type Two diabetics across Australia.

With the current rate of Type Two diabetics hitting 85% of the 1.7 million diabetics in Australia, tackling poor nutrition is an exciting way to reduce the rate of Type Two diabetics and helps maintain the growing long-term health problems associated with obesity. http://www.hit100.com.au/

2. CliniCloud

CliniCloud launched in October 2015 after a $5 million USD seed funding contribution was given to Melbourne Medical School graduates Dr. Hon Weng Chong and Dr. Andrew Lin.

CliniCloud offers a medical kit containing a digital stethoscope; a non-contact thermometer and an app that helps the user read all of the signs to enable them to take a more proactive approach to their healthcare. The digital stethoscope is the first of its kind, and the entrepreneurs will make a big difference in people with respiratory illness who often have a short turnaround time to receive essential treatment. http://www.clinicloud.com/

3. Smiling Mind

A State Finalist for Young Australian of the Year in 2012, Smiling Mind’s General Manager Lucy Richards has seen her mental health app downloaded by over 1 million users and is now commonly used among psychologists and mental health professionals. The app has the capacity for high growth and Smiling Mind will now be championing to see meditation introduced into the Australian school curriculum.  http://www.smilingmind.com.au/

4. Cohort IQ

Cohort IQ was awarded $200,000 in seed funding from Right Click Capital in February 2016, which allowed founders Ian Tebbutt, Ben Druit and John Bickerstaff to launch a start-up that will combine government data with health data to reduce the 235,000 preventable hospital admissions down to zero.

The start-up aims to save every hospital in Australia a predicted $1.3 million a year. Keep an eye out for their Point Fairy based entrepreneurs over the next few years as they kick some serious health goals. http://www.cohortiq.com/

5. Care Monkey

In the past 12 months, CareMonkey CEO Troy Westley has won a Talent Unleashed award and also won 650,000 euros in the Slush Pitching Competition.

CareMonkey is a health platform, which allows emergency and medical details to be kept for any organisation that has a duty of care to uphold. The health tech start-up has plans for substantial growth throughout Australian with the industry leaders looking to take the concept into other markets. https://www.caremonkey.com/

If you know of an Aussie health tech startup who should be on our next top five list or if you'd like to see your startup's name up in lights, contact us today.