Top 5 Aussie startups that have recently launched their product to the world

Top 5 Aussie startups that have recently launched their product to the world

As trailblazers in the startup world, we’ve put together a list of 5 Aussie startups that have launched their product in the last couple months.

Last month we posted our list of top female-led Aussie Startups to watch, now we're looking at new players coming out. 

With so many new startups coming on the scene we wanted to take the time to bring to your attention, the ones that we think you should keep an eye on!


1. Persollo

This Aussie startup’s claim to fame is its ability to enable ecommerce between small merchants across social networks without the need for complicated and expensive ecommerce websites. The app allows merchants to “get paid with a simple click”, making the process of buying and selling merchandise online personal and simple.

The startup gives power back to merchants by processing payments on behalf of businesses in a speedy fashion. Merchants simply add products to the site, once uploaded they receive a link which they can then share on social media to their customer base and audience.

Persollo has been making waves in the ecommerce space and have been selected for the coveted Telstra’s muru-D accelerator program.

2. Let’s Meet At

Founded by entrepreneur Loretta McGill after she moved from New Zealand to Melbourne, Let’s Meet At is a startup with a passion for food and eating locally. The startup is a food lover's heaven and is focused on the concept of engaging friends, travellers and lovers of great food to connect, meet and discover local restaurants and cafes together.

After crowdfunding $7,000 in March 2016 to get the service started, Loretta is set to expand her social network to continue to connect people over a mutual love of food.

Similar to a modern matchmaking service but for lovers of food, users simply sign up, create a bio packed with info about your food loves and then connect based on their proximity to one another at local foodie venues across Australia.

3. Utillix

In June 2015, Utillix creator Oliver Morrissey crowd funded just over $40,000 to kick off the world’s first site excavation mapping tool that conveniently provided instant, 3D real time location visuals of utilities and infrastructure based underground.

Utillix is a subsurface utilities and infrastructure mapping application that pinpoints underground utilities ahead of digging to ensure the safety and security of construction or maintenance works. The app shows users what is beneath their feet and aims to remove the guessing game out of infrastructure maintenance for both commercial contractors and residential users.

Breaking water mains and hitting electricity lines should be a thing of the past with the app’s intelligent ability to capture images and videos and upload them securely for reference when needed. 2D and 3D views of utilities are captured to ensure the safety of all workers and to avoid unfortunate accidents that can inevitably occur during the maintenance or construction process.

4. Knokal

Launched in February 2016 by founder David Smith, Knokal is a place for small businesses to find customers, engage with their providers and access handy tools to grow their business.

The revolutionary business directory is a place for SME’s, startups and freelancers to do business in a professional and cost-effective way. Created to fill a niche in the market for startups and small online businesses, the app enables businesses to grow and prosper without the mandatory shelling out of funds to cover basic business tools.

Knokal users simply fill in a detailed profile which then matches them with potential business opportunities and partners based on an innovative algorithm which centres around location, specialisation and company capability. The app looks to eliminate wasted time for startups and allows users to market b2b without the massive costs associated with traditional marketing and business development.

5. BRiN

Fuelled by the 500 million startups which fail each year, the founders at BRiN decided they'd had enough, and set out on a mission to make business education accessible to millions of entrepreneurs across the globe.

BRiN is a business education app, for iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets, providing on-the-go solutions to your business problems - better than most humans can! 

BRiN has been designed to act as "Your Personal Business Advisor", with the collective intelligence of 1000 business experts. Taking 22 months of research, plans, content creation and software development, BRiN has the ability to inspire, make you laugh and even give you a kick up the butt when you need it too. 

Australia’s booming startup talent is ever evolving and the talent pool is mind boggling.


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