Five female led Aussie startups to watch out for in 2016.

5 Female Led Aussie Startups to Watch Out For in 2016

Women are leading the way in innovative Aussie startups. According to ATP Innovations, in 2013, 19% of Australian startups were led by women, this was a steady increase from 16% in 2011 and shows that slowly but surely the number of women leading the way in the startup world is gathering momentum. 

Kasia Gospos is the founder of Leaders in Heels, an online community website designed with ‘go-getting gals’ in mind. “Leaders in Heels has been created to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Kasia. Another popular women entrepreneur-focused community is the facebook group led by Jane Lu (founder of SHOWPO): Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine. Having a community of like-minded females who are experiencing the same struggles and tests, can offer encouragement and support which in turn leads to growth within the industry providing a pathway paved with cobblestones of success. 

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Female entrepreneurs are breaking new ground on an almost a daily basis. Here are 5 Australian startups led by challenge-hungry chicks, who are not only making a difference in their own growing startups but also leading the way for women across the nation.


Founded by Jessica Wilson, Stashd is an Australian fashion app that provides the function to try clothes on a virtual platform before making a purchase. It also offers personalized theming and style-guides. Stashd offers a hands-on, personalised shopping experience at your fingertips, and Ms. Wilson is planning to use future funding to up-scale her growth into the Asian market. The app has users in 136 countries, has been featured within Apple’s Best New Apps in 11 countries and within the top 10 Lifestyle Apps in 5 countries, with over 1 million garments 'stashd' so far!


Digivizer is an Australian startup that was founded by female entrepreneur and mother-of-three, Emma Lo Russo. 

In 2014, Lo Russo's pitch at VC pitch event won her a $15,000 cheque, a year’s worth of mentoring from investment firm MH Carnegie and a shot at a $1 million investment from the firm at the end of that year.

This startup super-woman created an app that pulls relevant information from the web and displays it in a user-friendly format with the intention of helping businesses identify and engage with their target market. Ms. Lo Russo is planning to scale up into the US and Asia this year focussing on the growth of the data monitoring startup.

Mon Purse

Mon Purse is headed up by Lana Hopkins, who isn't phased by the tech challenges of starting an online store.

The startup is a customised handbag service which allows customers to build their dream bags online, using a 3D bag builder. Since launching a year ago, Mon Purse has customers in 10 countries and has experienced exponential growth, as well as a lucrative deal with Myer in Melbourne and Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

Dice Kids

Dice Kids is a movement focused on promoting and teaching DICE (digital, innovative, creative and entrepreneurship) to children in Australia.

The female entrepreneur behind this innovative startup is Erin Watson-Lynn whose goal is to introduce entrepreneurship into schools to ensure that future generations possess the skills and confidence necessary to back themselves in their startup endeavours.  Ms. Watson-Lynn’s first project will be launched this year and her ‘Lemonade Day’ will teach students all aspects of  business in particular marketing and the execution of a startup. Lucy Turnbull AO has shown her full support and been appointed patron of the project that aims to foster entrepreneurialism among 180,000 Australian children

Buzzy Tasks

Buzzy Tasks is an outsourcing app that allows the user to find and arrange contractors for their household chores in just the click of a button – ticking off chores has never been so simple! Founded by commercial lawyer Lauren Trlin, Buzzy Tasks has plenty of room for further growth supported by Lauren’s determination and belief in her product.


In 2016, there is no doubt that women are certainly coming out on top! Not only are women becoming more confident in their abilities, the online and social media support promoting female solidarity is inspiring women and enabling them to kick some serious startup goals in Australia.


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