Fireside Chat with Andrew Rothwell (Co-founder & Director of Sales at Tyro Payments)


We are really excited to welcome Andrew Rothwell, Co-founder and Director of Sales at Tyro Payments. 

Tyro payments have spent the last decade disrupting banking in Australia and last year was an incredible year for this Fintech company. They became the first technology company in Australia to be granted a full banking license and raised $100 million in funding! It's looking like 2016 is going to be one of incredible growth, now reaching $8.5 billion in transactions annually!

Do you see yourself as a Fintech disruptor? Want to learn from a self confessed hard core coder turned Director of Sales? Then this is really not to be missed!

Andrew, grew up in Sydney's northern beaches with 2 passions: great outdoors and maths and physics. The passion for adventure and thirst for knowledge has resonated throughout Andrew's career! 

In 2003, with 2 fellow ex-CISCO employees he founded Tyro Payments, originally Money Switch Ltd.

At Tyro Payments he wrote a "ton of Java to build a bank" and then switched to managing the entire sales division, looking after $8.5billion in transaction values annually.

Tyro payments also have a Fintech Hub , Tyro Hub, where they empower startups to disrupt banking. Andrew himself, acts as a Business Mentor for Startmate. 



680 George Street


NSW 2000