Fireside Chat with Booking Boss Co-Founders Renee & Andy Welsh


TOPIC: How a Sydney startup secured a partnership with one of the world’s biggest travel sites

Renee and Andy are husband and wife co-founders of online travel booking system, Booking Boss. In 2015 they gain national attention when they raised a $2M round from prominent investors including venture capital firm Acequia Capital, and the startup’s revenue has grown over 45% year-on-year over the past 18 months, which founder Renee Walsh says was key to attracting investment.

BookingBoss has just landed a partnership with online travel giant Expedia, a deal which will see its offering expand around the world.

As CEO, Renee brings with her experience in the digital and travel industries – leading the business’ growth and direction. This, combined with Andy’s role as company IT Director, makes them an unstoppable team. 

Renee Welsh
Co-Founder & CEO

Renee has always been at home in the world of travel tech. Over the past 15 years she’s held senior roles at, GoDo (Wotif) and where she has been working on opening new distribution opportunities for the attractions, tours and activities sector.  

Renee recognised that technology could revolutionise this industry in positive ways, but also pose challenges to businesses that were bound to outdated processes. This is why she launched Booking Boss in 2013. The company has since then secured significant investment and helped hundreds of attractions and tours streamline and grow their business.

Andy Welsh
Co-Founder & CTO

So, I saw this hilarious thing on reddit... is a standard conversation opener you’ll experience from Andy, whose humour and lust for life are madly infectious. When not giving everyone around him a chortle, Andy can be found working his magic on the Booking Boss system.

Thrown into Dev at the Deep End, Andy was responsible for pioneering an early 90s migration of university research into an online system. Since then, he’s worked on projects as diverse as cart part management systems to house valuation systems with some of the world’s most magician-like devs and cutting-edge organisations. Proudest of winning Best Software Product 2014 from the ABA, Andy attributes 90 percent of Booking Boss’ amazing journey to the positive ‘give it a go’ attitude that he shares with co-owner Renee, and 10 percent to the lucky number 8. Who knew?

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