We are very excited to be hosting the co-founders of CanYa, the company behind Australia’s Second largest ICO.

CanYa is an autonomous #P2P marketplace of local and digital services. Currently in the Alpha stage of its development, CanYa is one of the first working dApps to function on the Ethereum blockchain. The CAN token is the native currency of the CanYa marketplace and CanYa DAO.

Two of the company co-founders Chris and Kyle will be sharing the story of the 12-18 months before the CanYa ICO, from stumbling blocks and struggles that any startup founder will be able to relate to!

About Kyle Hornberg: Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Co-Founder of CanYa. Helped grow the company from a bedroom run operation of 4 to a well-respected international company of 20+ team members. On the peripheries of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency since 2016 but has been actively involved since early 2017. A Queenslander born and raised, Kyle loves the surf, sand and sun, and currently lives in Bondi, NSW.

About Chris McLoughlin: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Co-Founder of CanYa. Designed and executed the strategies to grow our online community from 0 to 77k (Facebook), 13k (Telegram) and 20k (Twitter). Born and raised in Western Australia. Started getting in BTC just before the Mt Gox saga and turned away for a few years. The ETH whitepaper was the next thing to grab his attention and he has been actively involved with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology since then. Chris is a Manchester United fan and loves the coastal life; currently living in Newcastle.