Most founders have a sound understanding of what SEO marketing is, and why it’s important. What most start-ups don’t understand is how they can use SEO to their competitive advantage in the SHORT TERM.

SEO, is not a long-term game, but it is a long-term GAIN. In this workshop, we will cover the most important quick wins that you can start doing with your marketing now, in order to achieve the top 3 positions in Googles search results.

We will cover:

  • How to identify niche target markets within search results
  • How to improve your search ranking within 6 weeks
  • How to improve your domain score on Google (and why it’s important)
  • How you can work out your competitors SEO strategy and hijack it.

Who’s teaching?

Rosa-Clare is the Head of Marketing for Hometime, an Airbnb partner and property management start-up. Rosa-Clare has been a growth marketer for most of her career previously working as the lead digital marketing consultant for start-ups such as Dream and Do, Leezair, Little Succers, Utoppii, Third Law and more. Rosa’s passion is teaching first-time founders how to obtain their first 100 customers in her online digital marketing course “Bootstrap Marketing”.

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