Are you sharing company ownership with staff, investors or outside talent?

Equity is one of the most discussed but often misunderstood areas of managing an emerging company & we’re here to help.

Join us on May 30th (6pm – 8pm) as we discuss what founders should be looking out for when sharing equity with staff, contractors & investors.

In this special presentation by UX Law & Fullstack, we cover off on some key areas for founders when managing equity.

We will cover:

– What matters most when structuring an Employee Share Option Plan

– How to get ESIC ready before taking on investment.

– What to address before structuring a Sweat Equity arrangement

– Dealing with difficult Sweat Equity arrangements and how to end them

– and much more.

Joining us will be Stuart Reynolds and Doron Shmilovits;

Founder of Fullstack Advisory, Stuart is a 3rd generation accountant who works with some of Australia’s most innovative ventures. He specialises in startups and advises founders around issuing equity, managing captables and employee share option plans. More can be found about Fullstack Advisory at

Doron Shmilovits runs UX Law, a law firm which helps startups and entrepreneurs obtain legal advice for affordable fixed fees. His core service areas include commercial agreements, capital raising, IP and dispute resolution. Doron helps clients of all sizes and in all industries.