Booth S78

"Going Expert connect travellers with travel agents who have been where they are going. Travel Agents have all of the industry tools at their fingertips so can find the best deal. Having been-there they can advise on the best experiences. Travellers these days are spending way too long researching their holiday and think they are saving money booking online. Travel agents still book 56% of outbound resident holidays and this is growing every year. Travellers are turning back to Travel Agents for convenience, service and a better on-the-ground experience. They can also help when you're away, something an online booking platform can't do. Going Expert puts the traveller in touch with experienced ""been-there"" travel agents."


Booth D43

Unlimited graphic design service for a flat monthly fee


Booth C33

"We believe startup investing shouldn’t be so hard. It’s madness 97.3% of Startups fail at fundraising. CapitalPitch is a platform to optimise investment in Startups. We use advanced technology to combine an investment accelerator, venture capital and equity funding platform. We’ve now assisted 8 successful funding rounds totalling $13 million. Entrepreneurs solve the world’s biggest problems but a lack of access to capital is killing them. We believe sophisticated, accredited & professional investors should more easily be able to invest in the future of job creation & innovation."

PAC Partners

Booth C16

"PAC Partners is a leading specialist provider of equities research, corporate advisory, equity capital market services, and wholesale stockbroking with a focus on emerging and mid market listed and unlisted companies. PAC Partners has a successful track record of providing advisory and capital raising solutions and, collectively, its Principals have actively managed several billion dollars of capital markets transactions across various sectors, including in excess of $100m for emerging technology companies over the past 6 months."

Blueprint Law

Booth B5

"Blueprint Law is a boutique law firm which specialises in advising entrepreneurial clients across a number of sectors including technology and media, with a particular focus on start-ups. We are well-known in the start-up community, advising businesses at all stages of their development and growth. We take a commercial approach to all of our work and definitely add value way beyond the simple provision of legal services. We are always happy to have an initial chat or meeting, at no charge, to see if we are a good fit with a new client. We generally work to fixed fees and offer flexible payment arrangements. We look forward to meeting you at our stand at StartCon."

Michael Law Group

Booth D40

"We are a business law firm based in Sydney. We work with startups through to established businesses. Our quality business law services help our clients get on with business confidently. We keep a pulse on global start up trends and help overseas start ups and businesses considering setting up in Australia. We offer fixed fees instead of billable hours for our clients' peace of mind."


Booth None

"Blrt is a groundbreaking collaboration and content creation platform, available on iOS and Android as a mobile app, and in the Chrome browser on computers, that enables you to talk, point and draw over images, documents or web pages. Your gestures are captured in sync with your voice and form permanent cloud-based recordings, which can be exchanged in conversations or embedded in web pages. Blrts are easier to create than videos, which allows for fast creation of interactive content. Blrt has been named a top 10 productivity app at the Webby Awards in New York, and Blrt Founder Anurag Chakradhar has been named 'Start-up CEO of the Year' by CEO Magazine's Executive of the Year Awards 2015."

Sparrow Flights

Booth S75

We believe startup investing shouldn’t be so hard. It’s madness 97.3% of Startups fail at fundraising. CapitalPitch is a platform to optimise investment in Startups. We use advanced technology to combine an investment accelerator, venture capital and equity funding platform.


Booth S89

"Snooper is a crowdsourcing platform that pays shoppers to collect in-store data and share consumer insights with brands in real-time through an app. 1. Brands post missions on the App 2. Shoppers complete a missions by answering easy questions and taking a few pictures in store 3. Brands get instant reports of their activity in store"


Booth S100

"Smartbeat is a software company that helps small businesses grow their customer base and their business with minimal time and cost. This technology connects multiple marketing channels, simplifies analytics data and suggests marketing and engagement activity that have been proven to generate results. It gives business owners a tangible, next step action cycle; Action > Interaction > Result > next Action > and using technology to automate the process, ensures the process is complete. Smartbeat equips small business with insight that big business would be excited about."


Booth S79

Spare Workspace is an online marketplace to share or book workspace by the hour, day, week or month. Our easy to use platform allows businesses to share their empty or under utilised workspace with people that need affordable, flexible and on-demand workspace, saving money and time. From a desk to meeting room, we make it easy to search, discover and book affordable workspace where you need it, when you need it.


Booth S74

"HealthcareLink provides a unique online recruitment and hiring online marketplace platform open to medical, dental and allied health practices, hospitals, aged care facilities and healthcare businesses of all sizes so that employers can find the right healthcare professionals and jobseekers find the right job easily. Our goal is to break through the inefficiencies inherent within the medical and healthcare sourcing and hiring process withinAustralia. The unique HealthcareLink platform works by matching the criteria set by employers to the thousands of jobseekers registered on the network and bringing up the best matches available today. It's that simple. Each jobseeker's profile provides information on the individual’s experience, specialty, certifications, AHPRA registrations, availability andlocation preferences. Jobseekers are automatically alerted to jobs that match their profile."


Booth C25

"We help to convert ideas into building next generation innovative products with close knit collaboration, cutting edge technology and a friendly smile over hot coffee! Welcome to Teksmobile - A tech company with a decade of experience in delivering mobile apps, web apps and backend API solutions. We've created close to 1000+ apps, many of which are on top of the store and have won prestigious awards."


Booth S94

Wedesque delivers a transparent and results based marketing platform to the wedding industry. More than 1 million vendors, annually compete for the $100 billion in sales, generated by weddings. Our solution inspires and creates demand within uses and in turn delivers their business to vendors on the form of hot, ready to close leads.

Hall Chadwick

Booth B9

"Hall Chadwick is one of the largest and most experienced accounting groups in Australia servicing clients in every major capital city and many regional centres in Australia. As part of a national group of independent Accounting and Business Advisory firms, we aim to provide a wide range of services that will not only simply meet your statutory requirements today, but provide strong financial and corporate direction to your organisation for tomorrow. With highly skilled professional staff, we provide leading edge solutions which will maximise your outcome - whether you require taxation, administration or business advisory services."

WordStorm PR

Booth C24

"16 years in PR means clear insight and a strategy that's right on the money. Our job is to find the most effective route to hit your targets hard. Your bottom line is your strongest marker and we never lose sight of that. We’re determined to get you an impressive return on your spend – for far less than the cost of comparable advertising time and space. We know the media, and we’ll know your business inside out. We’re very well connected in the industry. But more importantly you’ll find we are keen listeners. Knowing what makes your business tick is our key to getting you the right campaign and the most powerful results. Our clients are passionate and are typically living their dream, solving a problem or creating life for their great idea. Some are very well established brands, while others are start-ups. What they have in common is that they are driven by a dynamic team who relishes results."


Booth S82

"We are an upcoming Blog and Mobile App called FOUNDER which inspires people to follow their creative pursuit and live the life of their dreams. The application will be a platform which connects and encourages collaboration between entrepreneurs wanting to start a business with creatives like photographers, models, film-makers, designers etc and connect to manufacturers in Indonesia, enabling and inspiring people to easily change their lives and create their own job. Please check our website and blog at"


Booth S97

What started as a simple rostering and searching app based in Australia has now launched as a tool to provide employers with a flexible, mobile solution which completely manages every aspect of the employment relationship. Leveraging our global data analytics and employee ranking algorithm provides a far superior job fit and following this success through a streamlined one-click rostering and payroll system leads to significant cost savings, accountability and employee outcomes.


Booth S76

"CreataCRM leaves all other CRM's well behind!! Its NEW & offers far better features. Naturally, it centralises your business activities into one location, but it also provides automations, is fully Cloud accessible, automates Processes with Workflow, manages Projects, Invoices, Quotes, Email Marketing, Warehousing, Time-sheets and even your incoming VoIP Phone Calls! All in the Cloud. Yes, you can choose your Cloud or our Cloud. Created by Australians, hosted in Australia & supported by Australians. Its liberating!"

The Accounts Studio

Booth C15

"The Accounts Studio is a well established strategic bookkeeping agency in Darlinghurst. Award winning director, Sophie Andrews and her experienced team specialise in the creative and start up space. Having worked with 100s of clients including tech start ups, well known entrepreneurs, and SMEs of all sizes, The Accounts Studio provide assistence with bookkeeping, Xero, cash flow and strategic advice around profitability."


Booth B10

"With MOBLE you can design a premium custom website without a designer, or a developer, in minutes. Though, even if you are a designer or a developer, with MOBLE CMS, you can rapidly speed up your agency production time. Look in your Show Bag, find our flyer, watch our video and learn how you can design a custom website in under five minutes. Is it deep learning, is it AI? The multi-billion dollar web industry is about to have a shake up, and we’ve got our hands on the tree truck looking up at the coconuts."

Startup Catalyst

Booth D59

"We take groups of youths, startups, investors, corporates, and innovation leaders to international hotspots including Silicon Valley, Europe, Israel, and Asia with the goal of transforming the startup and innovation landscape in Australia. Startup Catalyst was formed to assist in the cultural transformation of the Australian economy to one that is fast paced, startup aware, and “global first”. We achieve this through the immersion of future and current entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and investors in innovation, into high-paced startup-rich environments to help understand differences in our business cultures, and to build networks and connections for trade; on return to fully network these lessons back into the broader community."


Booth S78 Day 1

"Meza is cloud based and uses iPads. No more clunky, static point of sale terminals. You can turn your iPad into a POS in minutes . With almost no set-up cost, a low monthly subscription and minimum staff training – Meza POS can be implemented into any business. With the customer app, they can now browse the menu, call a waiter, order and pay using the guest app Meza Connect, and they don’t even have to be in the shop."

Risk Angel

Booth S82 Day 2

"Risk a problem - Financial human errors, book keeper paranoia, industry & regulatory changes, all keep business owners walking the devilish risk rope. If your looking for some slack on that rope - you need Risk Angel. The risk solution - Using machine learning technology, Risk Angel provides you with data-driven notifications, by analysing patterns in your business and industry data, letting you know before you know - presto! Every business owner, and their accounts team world wide will benefit without having to do anything. Super simple, incredibly smart notifications pushed to your chosen device to review, assign, and comment on with your team. Risk Angel is being developed by an experienced team leading the charge in innovation and relaxation for business."

6Q Employee Surveys

Booth S99 Day 1

"6Q improves work lives and office morale of companies across the globe by connecting leaders to employees through our innovative six question surveys. Receive actionable feedback and measure the mood of your team in literally a few minutes, choosing a frequency that suits your organisation; weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks."

BookonBoB Pty Ltd

Booth S77 Day 1

"BoB for Customers: Download the BoB app to find, book, manage appointments and pay local services. Simply search for a service by postcode, then look through BoB's service directory. Read honest user reviews to help find the best businesses on the go. Refer your favourite service providers to friends and colleagues. Be rewarded with points for bookingonbob! Appointment reminders are sent through BoB, you won't forget an appointment and telephone tag rescheduling becomes extinct! BoB for Businesses: List your business with BoB to create a digital presence and to reach new and repeat customers! Use BoB to maintain loyal customers bookings and payments whilst reaching new customers searching for your service in their location. It's easy to keep track of client bookings and schedule repeat appointments. Employ Bob as your Personal Assistant so you can get back to work and maximise revenue."

Relax VR

Booth S84 Day 1

Imagine if you could relax on the beautiful beaches of Portugal, watching the clouds go by... Or lie in rice paddies of Japan, listening to soft melodic tunes. Maybe gaze over the vast beautiful oceans of Australia, while doing a gentle guided meditation. This is Relax VR, the ultimate relaxation experience in virtual reality. Available on Google Cardboard for iOS and Android and Samsung Gear VR (Coming soon to Google Daydream)

Innercode R&D Tax Consultants

Booth D39

Innercode Consulting is the only firm in Australia that specialises in helping the software community access Federal Government grants including the R&D Tax Incentive. Innercodes dedication to the software community ensures a simple and straightforward approach to applying for and receiving government assistant. The R&D Tax Incentive is an entitlement scheme, which has helped our clients fund and build their dreams.

Cover Genius

Booth D42

Cover Genius is one of the World's most innovative insuretech companies. We apply patent-pending technology and multivariate testing to optimize the profitability of insurance as an ancillary revenue line. Our first brand is RentalCover.com, a specialist distributor of car rental insurance. Our clients are the largest online travel agents (OTAs) globally. A multi-award winning insurance industry disruptor, we work with multiple underwriters around the world to deliver regulated policies to dozens of the largest travel ecommerce companies.

Secure Code Warrior

Booth S93 Day 1

"Secure Code Warrior is a web-based gamified skills development platform that mimics real-life and provides instant learning opportunities. Software developers use hands-on learning to build proven secure-coding skills and can be benchmarked versus their peers. Online Secure Code training has existed for several years in many teaching formats including static presentation slides, video animations, etc. They often include simple and short quizzes to verify that a developer has understood the theory around the secure coding training provided. Most developers dislike this form of learning. It is often very conceptual and rarely ventures into the details needed to learn how to fix security vulnerabilities in a particular programming language and framework. Secure Code Warrior’s focus is on creating a full hands-on learning experience. Learn by doing. We provide a safe environment for developers to learn and practice their secure coding skills in the framework they are most comfortable with but we also gradually make the challenges harder to mimic real life. Secure Code Warrior also provides organizations with real evidence of secure coding skills to prove they’re effectively addressing the developer education problem. Now they can have a live data-driven evaluation of an individual developer’s true secure code writing ability."


Booth S81 Day 1

"MoorMe is an innovative service that allows boaties to easily compare marina berth pricing, locate facilities and book a berth online. The intuitive platform enables boating enthusiasts to: - Compare berth prices from a variety of public marinas and privately owned berths tailored to their vessel's specifications, location and check-in/check-out dates - Locate marinas that provide the amenities required, such as 24-hour fuel and laundry facilities, through the use of a handy services filter, and - Easily book a berth online using one form, so no need to fill out different applications for every marina visited."

Elite Robotics

Booth S97 Day 2

"Elite Robotics was founded on our passion for innovation and technology. Our vision is to share this passion with you by creating a line of robotic solutions to help enrich your life. We understand that as the world becomes more complex you need products that remove undesirable tasks from your life. Our goal is to simplify your style of living and give you more time to spend doing the things you love. Everyone wants a neatly mowed lawn but no one wants to do it. This is where we come in. With your support we can bring automation to your home and give you back your time."


Booth S84 Day 2

"Mithrl is a new blockchain based smart contracting platform. It takes the lessons learnt from Bitcoin and Ethereum and approaches the problem from a new direction grounded in mathematics and equational reasoning, to provide stronger guarantees about the safety and security of blockchain based applications. As blockchain makes inroads into mission-critical industry applications, it is no longer enough to rely upon the strength of the underlying blockchain. We need new tools and a new platform that helps give developers and users more confidence in the applications they write and use."


Booth S76 Day 1

AirBuddy (www.airbuddy.net) is an innovative recreational dive equipment that makes discovering the underwater world easier by eliminating the need for operator-filled air tanks and bulky diving gear. AirBuddy is a small, battery-powered dive compressor that floats on the surface and follows along with the diver. AirBuddy provides 45min of dive time at a maximum depth of 12m, following a 3.5h battery recharge from a standard AC socket. AirBuddy seeks to bridge the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA diving, providing a terrific alternative for recreational shallow water diving in scenarios such as: reef exploration, underwater photography, abalone, lobstering or underwater boat maintenance.


Booth S100 Day 2

"Knokal was created as a platform for small businesses to find new customers and service providers, and gives small businesses the tools they need to grow a business. Members get an instant web presence and are able to add photos, videos and content, and a matching algorithm introduces them to new opportunities. 2017 will see a new marketplace for B2B services, helping small businesses through the buying and hiring process. We will also be introducing a new payment platform for small businesses, to remove the pain of chasing outstanding invoices."


Booth S85 Day 2

Immersia is revolutionising storytelling and the human experience by creating highly immersive and emotional virtual reality experience. For more than two years the company has been providing expert VR and AR advisory services, rapid-prototyping, virtual reality experience development and end-to-end 360° video production services for organisations across a range of industries. Some of the company's recent work includes the development of a virtual reality safety training application for one of the world's largest resources companies, the creation of a VR visualisation product for the architects designing a major construction project, the provision of 360° videos for public events, content marketing, inductions and training and VR consulting services such as executive coaching, workshops and virtual reality demons with brainstorming sessions for organisations in the education, healthcare, government and professional services industries. With a leadership team that includes a VR pioneer and movie producer from the Silicon Valley tech scene, a Deloitte Data Analytics Partner and artists and developers with capable of creating immersive experiences from the ground up, Immersia has been a leading provider of virtual and augmented reality services in Western Australia since 2014 and more recently has began its transition toward the development of their first VR product to be developed and globally released in 2017.


Booth C26

"Spaceship is a technology-focused Superannuation Fund for millenials. Ask anyone our age and they will tell you that they spend more time looking at their electricity account than their Super statement. There’s a reason for that. There’s 250 funds that manage over $2 trillion. But they all manage it in the same undifferentiated way. For the majority of Australians, BHP and the big four banks are the largest holdings in their Super. Our generation has seen technology spread like a virus throughout society. We have watched the most valuable companies in the world become technology companies. Locally, we have watched Atlassian become bigger than Qantas. Shouldn’t we be investing our Superannuation where the world is going, not where it has been? That’s why we started Spaceship. To provide you with a well diversified portfolio that has technology at its core. We’d love for you to join our waitlist to learn more as we get closer to launching later this year."

CHEFIN' / chefin.com.au

Booth S90 day 2

"CHEFIN' is revolutionizing the Australian dining scene by cutting the middleman and connecting gourmet chefs directly with business and consumers. Our chefs provide high-quality restaurant food at the customers' fingertips. Use your device to order a private chef and sit down and relax - the chef will do all the shopping, chopping, cooking, serving and cleaning. You just need to enjoy the food with your family or friends. Or you are a business that wants to engage with their employees just like Google - then chefin.com.au is the right place for you! You can order a chef and pay as you need, the Chef will come to your office and cook up a feast for your employees! Make them feel like they work for the best company in the world with the ease of a few clicks on our website."

Hosonto Middleware Solutions

Booth S92 Day 1

"We are delivering a full stack web development platform by automating much of the developer tasks for the full stack projects. The hosonto platform relieves developers from the burden of database and middleware coding and let them focus on the user interface and fundamental business logic. Based on hosonto platform we also provide themes and CMS which is readily deployable. The developers can also use the hosonto platform to publish their themes+CMS on the marketplace. Thus the hosonto platform is going to revolutionize the database web application development."

Zeros and Ones

Booth S93 Day 2

"Reorganising traditional web hosting and domain registration for any users to learn and use the programs as simply as possible. partnership and api The combining the online tools to make a great online presence. Web Hosting Domain Registration Email Server Security-SSL Partner API program"


Booth C31

"Zuora empowers businesses to build subscription models that keep customers consistently engaged in long-term relationships. Zuora is the world's largest provider of Relationship Business Management (RBM) services. Our cloud-based technologies help companies create relevant and memorable experiences anytime they interact with a customer. We combine subscription commerce, billing and finance solutions in one package. On top of it all is an analytical layer that offers real-time insight into each subscriber's identity, as well as the business's overall performance. It's way more than just subscriptions - it's the new world of happy business."


Booth S99 Day 2

"Imagine a wall of shipping containers stacked twenty high and two kilometres long; this represents the 6000 containers exported from Australia every day. That is a drop in the ocean compared to the 144M containers globally that will be affected by the new container weight laws requiring mandatory weigh verification for every export shipping container. Put simply, if your container arrives at port without proof of weight it simply will not leave. Conweigh makes obtaining correct verification as easy as booking a ride with Uber. Download our app or web click to book and your closest accredited Conweigh Technician will be dispatched with Conweigh trade certified weighing equipment straight to your location. Our processes are 100% digitally integrated meaning once we’ve weighed your container, all the necessary paperwork is completed with the press of a button, and your container is ready to send. You can access information about your container anywhere at any time. Conweigh streamlines legislative compliance through intelligent technology and design, providing you with the balance of affordability, flexibility and convenience ensuring that Australia’s 660 billion dollar export industry can keep moving."

General Assembly

Booth D60

"General Assembly (GA) is a global educational company on a mission to empower a global community to pursue work they love. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business and technology, GA is confronting a skills gap through best-in-class instruction and providing access to opportunities. GA works with students online and in person across 15 campuses in 4 continents. GA also works with companies as partners in course development and graduate placement as well as helps companies stay competitive in today's digital landscape. Additionally, GA’s focus on affordable and accessible education combined with our education-to-employment approach is helping to create a diverse talent pipeline."


Booth S74 Day 2

"360dgrees.com is a full service 360 video production and development company that specialises in creating totally immersive virtual reality 360 videos, together with the development of supporting web and mobile implementations. In addition to capturing and processing the 360 VR content. 360dgrees.com has developed the “interaction layer” that allows organisations to commercialise their marketing efforts by adding interactive hotspots to create a ‘point of sale’ within the 360 video experience. Our unique interactivity layer and independent media player moves the 360 video from being a purely promotional tool to an interactive, collaborative, commercial experience. Connect with your customers at the moment of greatest engagement – during your 360 VR video!"


Booth S80 Day 1

"Drawboard exists to see the design and construction industries habitually work without paper. Founded in 2012, Drawboard has grown to see great success with its original flagship product, Drawboard PDF, which has amassed the status of one of the most downloaded applications on the Windows Store. Drawboard's premier markup collaboration solution, Bullclip, allows design and construction professionals to digitally mark up and communicate in real time on drawings. Wherever you are, have your latest drawing revisions and immediate markup feedback at your fingertips. Learn more at drawboard.com/bullclip."

Genesis Augmented

Booth D54

Genesis isn’t like any card game you’ve ever seen. With Augmented Reality users experience an addictive skill based real-time battle system. Each character is equipped with a myriad of attacks some reliant on brute force and others on mystic or dark capabilities allowing for a perfect combination of skill, strategy and foresight. If crushing friends in the arena isn’t your preferred option, the game also compensates for the competitive lone-wolf with an elite single player dungeon mode that will test and hone the skills of any avid gamer.


Booth S85 Day 1

Our goal at HowAboutEat is to help people eat great food at work and get it in the simplest way possible. Long gone are the times when we were too busy at work and had to get food from the vending machine. We want to solve that with an easy, fast and convenient way to get lunch delivered at work. We are a team of food lovers based in Sydney, building things that make people’s life easier.


Booth S80 Day 2

Everythere is a mobile app platform offering tours and interactive experiences by connecting physical spaces to digital media. Everythere is an already built interactive and engaging tour app, negating the need for content providers to develop their own bespoke and expensive mobile application, allowing them to be part of one platform, and saving marketing costs through natural cross promotion.


Booth S90 Day 1

awe.media is the first Virtual & Augmented Reality platform that enables you to create and experience immersive, interactive VR & AR apps on the web and on any device. Share a link and over 3 billion web browsers on mobiles, tablets, computers and VR & AR goggles can display it. awe ensures your app content displays beautifully on all devices. We believe that immersive experiences should be available to anyone, not just developers. And anyone should quickly and easily be able to experience what you create with awe! Developers can add custom code or plugins to make awe apps do more. awe is transforming learning environments across education and training and enhancing visitor experiences across tourism and cultural.

Sprout Kitchens

Booth S73 Day 1

Sprout is a platform for cafe’s and restaurants to rent out their unused kitchen space, after hours. Whether you're building a food delivery empire, arranging a function with catering, or just want to batch your weeks food prep it is now possible to find flexible, low cost, kitchen space. Sprout provides access to underutilised kitchen space from chic commercial cafes in Collingwood to revolutionary restaurants in Redfern, we are building the future of the food industry.


Booth D62

Founded by engineers and PhD fellows from Harvard, Usyd and UNSW, WipeHero is a new service that brings the carwash to you, wherever you are, using our developed waterless technology that is biodegradable and food graded. Using WipeHero we are helping to save billions of liters of water per year. Our developed technology isn't just for cars, we can wash buses, trains, planes and more without a single drop of water. Convenience and conservation in one.

Social Status

Booth C28

Social Status is a social media analytics platform that enables marketers to quantify the impact of their social media marketing.

Australian Landing Pads

Booth D52

Austrade’s Landing Pads in San Francisco, Berlin, Shanghai, Tel Aviv and Singapore provide Australian startups access to renowned innovation ecosystems comprising a network of entrepreneurial talent, mentors and investors. Participants receive a 90 day residency at an established coworking space and tailored business development assistance including advice on targeting and introductions to customers, investors and strategic partners.

Academy Xi

Booth D45

Academy Xi’s vision is to change the world by educating the next wave of digital change-makers through providing short, practical and skill specific courses for people or companies to upgrade their capabilities in design and innovation. With a dynamically changing curriculum, Academy Xi teaches current, in-demand skills to transform individual careers whilst integrating new learnings about emerging markets and future technologies.


Booth S95 Day 2

LadderChat provides automated wait list queue management and notifications for a number of different industries. LadderChat can track, manage and notify waiting customers. LadderChat is used by a number of restaurants and cafes. We also run LadderChat across travel expos and car dealerships. LadderChat can track important data such as group size, wait duration, demographic, peak periods and more. Capture post-service reviews and more.


Booth C17

LegalVision is Australia’s fastest growing legal services provider. LegalVision provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for Australian businesses seeking legal assistance, advice or documentation.

Screen Dopamine

Booth S95 Day 1

Screen Dopamine connects people and business in a unique way. Businesses can promote anything in any format to a very specific audience and receive guaranteed engagement.


Booth D56

At AreteX, we are passionate about delivering high quality, efficient and low-cost bookkeeping. We do the bookkeeping so you can focus on building your business. Just like money, your TIME is a limited commodity and you only get to spend it once – we help you improve efficiency and reduce the time you spend entering data. If data-entry and bookkeeping is keeping you from working on your business or doing the things that you enjoy, then contact us for more information. Don’t let the pain continue, we can help!


Booth C30

Founded in 2014 by Matthew Altenburg and Paul Reiss, SOAPdrones originated from our idea to transport snake anti-venom across Australia; the company at that time consisted of little more than a name and an idea. We quickly realised the company's initial aim could not be achieved using existing drone technology and transformed SOAPdrones into the cutting-edge drone design and technology company we are today. As new leaders in a rapidly developing industry, SOAPdrones is meeting the needs of surveillance, communication, and transportation. Our unique design, development and testing ensure we anticipate and deliver evolving international needs. Based in Australia and soon the United States, SOAPdrones is changing the perception of unmanned aerospace systems.

Get It Sorted

Booth S92 Day 2

Get It Sorted is an app to help consumers find service providers, who want and can assist. No matter the service, be it a doctor, plumber, PT, restaurant or hairdresser for example, Get It Sorted will find people to help. Being the most cost effective way for businesses to advertise solely to consumers they want means it is a win for both the consumer and business


Booth D58

TappnEd is an interactive video m-Learning platform that allows learners to view learning points and then answer “in-video” questions anywhere in the video, on any device – without being drawn away from the video content. Educators have the option to run free courses or sell their courses to the general public – it’s their choice. Learners can use their smartphones, tablets and desktops to participate in courses with tap-based interaction fully supported.

Crowd Conga

Booth S98 Day 1

Crowd Conga is an innovative social crowd buying marketplace with a mission to make shopping social and creating the best deals easy. Crowd Conga enables you to create the best deals on the things you want, when you want them, by buying with local crowds of other buyers and connecting with businesses of your choosing to crowd buy the things you want, from cars to electricity. Crowd Conga is also the perfect tool for businesses to increase sales and brand awareness by engaging with motivated customers. Businesses can receive proposed crowd buys, make offers to accept proposals and even list their own crowd deals. Our clever matching system ensures relevant businesses are notified of potential crowd buys and customers crowd deals grow. Crowd Conga is available on the Play Store and App Store or online at crowdconga.com.au. Join the Crowd, make the best deal.

Warrior Forum

Booth B12

On a long enough timeline, the conversion rate of any marketing strategy goes to zero. Warrior Forum is the largest Internet marketing forum in the world since 1997. Today, the community comprises more than 1.1 million Warriors who have made over 9 million contributions to over 900,000 discussions. Warrior Forum is the #1 site on the Internet for discussion and actionable insights in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Online Retailing, Mobile Marketing, Ad Networks (CPA, CPM, CPL), Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, Product Reviews, Copywriting, Viral Networks, Programming, Website Design, Content Marketing and Joint Ventures.


Booth A4

Freelancer.com is the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. We connect over 22 million employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories. Through our marketplace, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.


Booth A1

Established in 1985, Microsoft Australia is the Australian subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq "MSFT"), the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realise their full potential. Headquartered in Sydney, Microsoft Australia has seven regional offices across the country. Woven throughout daily life, whether it be work or play, Microsoft technologies enable millions of Australian partners and customers to innovate in new ways. Microsoft has been committed to supporting the local Australian community for 30 years through the strength of our relationships with governments, non-profits and business partners. Each year in Australia, Microsoft donates more than $50m of software to non-profit organisations, to help them to be more productive, more collaborative, to drive deeper relationships with their supporters and deliver more innovative solutions to the communities they serve.


Booth B8

Startups, your journey starts in the cloud. BizSpark gives startups free stuff – software, services, tech support, and Azure cloud. Your startup qualifies if it is less than 5 years old, is privately held, and earns less than $1M annually. And at the end of the program, you keep all the software you've downloaded – at no cost.


Booth A3

Founded in 1999, Escrow.com is the world's leading provider of secure online transactions for anything of value. We protect your transactions by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and dispenses funds when both buyers and sellers are satisfied. We offer transaction simplicity, safety, and security whether your business buys, sells, or operates a marketplace.

Leash IT

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Leash It is an international community Bluetooth GPS security and loss prevention solution. Members of the Leash It Community Of Things work together in protecting and tracking each others favorite possessions. All Leash It solutions are integrated and will be able to send tracking alerts to owners whose pets, bicycles, motorbikes, cars or luggage that have been reported lost or stolen. Our international community of cyclists and users all travel common routes every week and their phones are constantly automatically looking out for Leash It lost or stolen items. Its up to all of us in the community to try and curb the amount of items stolen every week. If you love it, Leash It and become part of the growing international Leash It Community!!

IBM Global Entrepreneur

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IBM Global Entrepreneur equips you with the go-to-market support, business mentorship, services, discounts, technical guidance and networking opportunities needed to quickly bring your solution to market fast on the industry leading Cloud platform.


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Effective decision making is a core capability of any strong business. Button streamlines decision making using a framework proven by world leaders - simple questions paired with defined response options. Team members add Button to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype or HipChat to quickly interact using this method. We aggregate the decision data in our platform to provide analytics, integrations and triggers for workflow automation. Using this data we unlock new metrics to drive profitability and solve business problems.


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Buzzly turns your customer’s own mobile phone into an easy to use, fully featured paging system. Our wait list management, POS and order pickup paging systems eliminate the need for expensive rechargeable radio pagers. At Buzzly, we like to call it BYOD - Bring Your Own Device. Our web based app works on any tablet as long as it’s connected to WiFi... and our pages work with any customer’s phone as long as it can receive an SMS. With no complicated hardware to charge and nothing for a business or customer to download, you can start using our web based system to generate and track pages and messaging as soon as you sign up. Smart connectivity means that if you have different order and food pick up locations, it's no worries! As long as there’s WiFi your BYOD tablets will automatically sync your orders and pick-up pages and messaging.

Code Rangers

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Code Rangers puts kids in charge of technology. Founded in 2014, Code Rangers is a Sydney based company with the simple goal of engaging children with technology, allowing them to be digital creators, rather than consumers. Code Rangers runs before and after school workshops, school incursions and holiday workshops. Code Rangers has a particular focus on encouraging girls to pursue secondary and tertiary study in STEM, particularly computer science and software development.

Neumann Space

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Neumann Space is an Australian startup dedicated to developing a revolutionary type of plasma thruster developed by co-founder Dr Patrick Neumann as part of his PhD in physics at the University of Sydney. Our technology has numerous advantages, including specific impulse measurements (one type of efficiency measurement for thrusters) higher than any thruster on the market today. We will need to test our thruster in space, and to that end have contracted with Airbus DS for one of their Bartolomeo payload modules, due for launch at the end of 2018. We will not require all of the module for our own purposes, and have the right to on-sell excess capacity to other organisations. With this we aim to accelerate the development of the Australian civil space sector by enabling startups, universities and other groups to test hardware in space without the need for building an entire satellite bus.


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We invest in outstanding teams with innovative technology and global ambitions. As part of a six-month program, startups gain access to a purpose built coworking space, our global network of mentors, alumni, investors and partners, international trade trips and many more perks. Founders get all the benefits of building lifetime relationships with fellow founders, whilst receiving help to accelerate their business with a program that’s tailored to their needs.


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We are developing a unique crop health imaging technology for early stress identification which will enable farmers to save on fertilizer and pesticides through the variable application and improve crop yields. Project stages include field trials, testing of the technology using a UAV and a weather balloon with the final stage of the project being remote sensing of crop health from a nanosatellite in Lower Earth Orbit.


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In Australia we discovered a problem, when you want a tool for that one of DIY project you either have to buy it or rent it from conventional stores and hire centers. These hire centers and stores are expensive and usually quite a distance away. Even after you have completed the project you might never use it again and it sits in your garage collecting dust. ToolMatesHire.com.au is a Tool rental marketplace where you can list your tools for hire making you money or find tools you need right next door at friendly neighbourly prices.

High Earth Orbit Robotics

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At High Earth Orbit Robotics, we are building the technology to prospect and mine the very closest Near Earth Asteroids. Our systems are CubeSat compatible and will be used for the smallest and best deep-space missions of the nest age of exploration.


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A 3 day business learning tour for Aussies by Aussies. Learn before you do . Build your team in the Philippines.


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The Australia's first fully augmented property directory magazine listing all properties for sale in your area every week.


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We are developing near space satellites in the form of solar powered UAVs. We have demonstrated that a UAV can fly on solar power as long as the sun is shining, giving it a 10 hour endurance. An area of 20 square kilometres or a distance of 500km can be inspected/ mapped in one day. We are currently targeting mapping for use in precision agriculture and pipeline, gas well head and environmental inspection for oil and gas companies.

3DBRINK.COM Delta 3D Printers

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3D Brink designs and manufactures Delta robot 3D Printers in Australia. Delta 3D printers have greater accuracy and speed than Cartesian 3D printers. Our superior machines have the ability to 3D Print in the full range of FDM materials including PLA hybrids, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PET, HIPS, and flexible materials. Bundled with powerful simulation software from Simplify3D, the Raspberry Pi3 and Delta technology make this the most advanced 3D printer on the market. Ideal for Schools and Universities. A Delta 3D Printer is a must for any business looking to keep up with engineering and rapid prototyping. Amazing to watch and learn from, come and see our Trinity 3D Printers!

Wander UI/UX Design Agency

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Wander is a digital agency based in Los Angeles, CA. In the last couple years, we've worked with over 100 startups and brands, including Dollar Shave Club, Burts Bees and Kaplan University to help them build, rebrand and grow their companies. Our team specializes in UI/UX design. We create and perfect great user experiences and top it off with beautiful user interfaces. Some of the startups that we've worked with have raised millions of dollars after our team has designed their websites/platform. We pride ourselves in creating award-worthy designs.

Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services provides startups with the low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. Some of the world’s hottest startups, including Airbnb, Atlassian and Slack, have leveraged the power of AWS to quickly scale. AWS Activate is a program designed to provide your startup with the resources you need to get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS.

Canaccord Genuity

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With operations in 10 countries worldwide and the ability to list companies on 10 exchanges, Canaccord Genuity is a leading independent global investment bank focused on technology and growth companies. Offering institutional and corporate clients idea-driven investment banking, research, sales and trading services, we are committed to providing valued services to our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of your business.

Tank Stream Labs

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Tank Stream Labs are a technology community of highly motivated and growth driven entrepreneurs. We have some of the most innovative technology companies as part of our community. We offer over 2,800 sq m of co-working space in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

Coder Factory Academy

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Learn the in-demand skills necessary to build your dreams and transform ideas into businesses. Our fast track bootcamp course is Australia's first and only nationally accredited coding bootcamp offering VET Student Loan assistance. Coder Factory Academy is a technology education provider catering to fostering the next generation of software developers and aspiring tech startup entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help more people become involved in the technology revolution by providing fun, empowering education.

Citizen Wolf

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Citizen Wolf is on a mission to bring tailoring to your casual wardrobe and your startup swag. Why? Because fit is broken. Mass production sees you as S-M-L when in reality we're all 7 billion different shapes and sizes. Starting with the humble T-shirt we're using single piece production and the shortest supply chain in fashion to produce locally, ethically and fully custom. Upgrade your startup swag today!


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At 1300 FIRST AID we are in the business of preparing you for the unforeseeable. First Aid is at the heart of what we do. We endeavour to become Australia's number 1 training and content platform for everything First Aid. We will assist you with finding and booking a course near you. We will help you choose from over 1000+ First Aid and CPR providers across Australia.