As the Founder and CEO of air events global, I often get asked what my marketing growth strategies are for our startup. I have collated my top 10 marketing growth strategies to share with you today. To see more of what we do, please visit

1. Engage in online communities

One of the Internet’s greatest strengths is its ability to bring together people with similar interests in online communities. This can be an excellent growth strategy for your brand. Responding to questions on Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora etc. to help drive targeted traffic to your website. It helps build credibility for your business and you personally also. Each week I aim to answer between 30-50 questions on various sites to build our online profile.

2. Schedule social media posts using Buffer

One of my favourite schedulers is Buffer as I can schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for air events global weeks in advance and this saves an enormous of time. There are many scheduling sites that you can use and it is about choosing the one that works best for you, check out Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Sprout Social and Tweet Deck also.

3. Subscribe to your competitors’ email lists for daily inspiration

Knowledge is power. We all have competitors, directly or indirectly. I encourage you to go to their websites and subscribe to their newsletters so you can ensure you know when they are releasing new products, having a sale, hosting social media competitions and the like. Use a personal email, not your business email though.

4. Using Twitter to connect

When sharing content on Twitter, try mentioning people directly as this will create re-tweets and exposure for your brand. Focus on creating a regular cadence of content that is relevant to your target audience and authentic to your brand. I focus on keeping the tweets short, using visuals, incorporating relevant hashtags, asking questions and running polls. Social media is about building relationships and when someone shares one of your blogs, retweets or shares your content; they are showing interest in you and your brand. Thanking them on Twitter is a great opportunity to connect and encourages them to share again.

 5. Use Buzzsumo to find the most shared content for a keyword

This is an excellent tool for seeing what the most popular and shared content is for any topic in your industry. Enter the search term you need information on and Buzzsumo will show you the most shared results. I personally use this tool to determine if there is an SEO opportunity for air events global. It tells us how content performs online and breaks down that performance by multiple metrics across domains, keywords and topics. This data helps us create, optimise and promote content and is an excellent growth strategy.

6. Get in front of as many people as possible through PR

There are numerous networks that pair reporters with sources and each day you receive a list of stories that journalists who use the service are working on. If there is a story that is relevant to you, you can submit a pitch directly to the journalist. Make sure you check that you have quotes that they can use in their story, your name and contact details are included and a link to your website and social media handles.

Some of the sites that we use are HARO (help a reporter out), MyBlogU, PRNewswire, Source Bottle, Muck Rack, Media Kitty and Pitching Notes. You can DIY when it comes to PR, but there must be something that can WOW your readers and thus, be a reason for someone to write about.

7. Perfect your Customer Life Cycle

Understanding our customers and what they need is paramount in business. Talk to your customers and map each interaction (touch-point) that they have experienced with your brand. The best take away from this is finding out how you could improve their experience from one touch point to the next. I focus on how our users interact with our brand and how they make decisions and using various types of user feedback tools such as surveys and feedback forms is highly valuable. One user feedback tool that enables users to poll visitors with short surveys is Qualaroo and it appears at the bottom of the screen as a widget. It also has a feature that can allow you to create different rules about where and when the surveys are triggered and what questions will be asked. Some other tools to look into are Consumer Barometer, Poll Daddy, Web Engage and Kampyle.

 8. Using Case Studies

The use of case studies is all part of telling a story and can be very effective in the eyes of your customers. A case study is a more developed version of the testimonial, however instead of using a quote from a customer, you tell the customers story. We like to begin with the customers problem and by including quotes, the benefits of using air events global and the successful end result weaved into a cohesive story, it is easy for other potential customers to see how they too can benefit by using our shared economy platform.

9. Guest Blogging

We have already established that getting quality traffic and creating brand influence are very important when it comes to growing your business and guest blogging can help. Buffer, the social media scheduling app managed to grow it’s customer base from 0 to 100,000 when it’s Co-Founder did approximately 150 guest posts over a short period of time. Blogging websites such as ShoutmeLoud, Outbrain and Hubspot often accept guest blog posts and can help get you the maximum exposure that you need.

10.  Digital Analytics, Click Tracking, and Scroll Tracking

Numbers are an important metric to check the success of any campaign. And this is where the digital analytics, click tracking, and scroll tracking come in handy. Using these tracking techniques, you can optimise your marketing return on investments and content offerings among other things to improve overall business performance. Click Tracking allows you to know the number of times each link has been clicked by your subscribers. You can also track when specific elements on the page are scrolled into view. This analytical approach helps to position text and links in a manner so that they get optimum response. Google Analytics is a great option to track numbers for your business.

And that’s a wrap…These are just some of the marketing growth tools that I use for air events global, however don’t be afraid to try new hacks. The name of the game is experimentation to see what works for you and your target audience. Growth is the destination and growth-marketing strategies are the journey. Let the #hustle begin.

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