Meet StartCon 2017 Pitch Finalists finalists:

Creating something completely new and unique to the market is no joke. And, when you have a passion for snow, ski and slopes, the natural fit is to create a trailblazing product that will blow the minds of your potential customers – and this is precisely what ANTI Ordinary plan to do.

ANTI Ordinary is developing a world first, a beanie that’s as safe as a helmet. Using a patented design this helmet/beanie will harden on impact and then return to being soft after impact. The wearer gets the comfort of a beanie as they shred around the slopes, but the safety of a helmet.

ANTI Ordinary’s beanie helmet being put to the test at StartCon 2017. 

Founder Rob Joseph believes in

“never passing up opportunities to learn”

and this innovative startup has incorporated their love & passion of snow sports with the growing demand in fashionable alpine safety equipment to dramatically disrupt the snow sports industry.

To get a leg up in the world of startups, Rob decided to take the business to next level and pitch ANTI Ordinary to investors at the StartCon 2017 Pitch competition

Having received a ‘crowd favourite’ prize at the QLD Young Starters Competition; Rob was awarded with a travel allowance for any innovation, startup or business event of his choosing.

This is what gave him the opportunity to showcase his innovative concept to industry movers and shakers at StartCon 2017.

After pitching his business against over 100 other startups, ANTI Ordinary was shortlisted into the final of the competition, only just missing out on the prizes and spot at the Startup World Cup.

ANTI Ordinary pitching on StartCon 2017 main stage. 

Where are the ANTI Ordinary team now six months on from StartCon 2017?

Off skiing the slopes of Aspen, enjoying their winter homes? Nope, they’ve opened their pre-seed round, and are close to releasing a prototype and a Kick-starter program to raise more capital to scale.

Their first public pitch in front of an audience helped build their company profile, while enforcing the fact that the team should keep pushing their business ahead. Pitching their startup to others gave them a newfound confidence in their idea and in themselves to get their concept off the group and start gathering funding.

As well as pitching at StartCon 2018, the ANTI Ordinary team gained access to dozens of seminars, listened to a range of international speakers and mingle amongst the startup community. Most importantly, they gathered much-needed skills and experience in the world of pitching and networking. Following the event, Rob flew back to Brisbane with forty-two business cards, the inspiration to do something great & a newfound appreciation for Red Bull Mojitos.

Rob’s advice for startups considering attending StartCon 2018:

“get out & do it – StartCon could be your ticket to wherever it is you want to go”

The ANTI Ordinary team are in the process of madly working to fund the release of their first range of snow helmets and are offering pre-orders to a passionate audience of snow-loving followers.

Ready for investment?

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