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Zack Onisko, CEO and Founder of the popular online design community, shared with us the importance of understanding your customers needs when designing your product or service. 

Talk to your users. Understand their needs ahead of your business needs. Empathy is at the heart of design thinking, which sometimes gets lost in our day to day of building charts, geeking out over queries, pivot tables, lining up the next a/b test…

If you’re only looking at raw numbers you can get drunk on conversion rates and to get just a few more people to do a thing. If you want long-term, sustainable growth – It’s essential that you focus on the user’s needs and the core, intrinsic value that you bring to them. 

The concept of “design thinking” is a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation that can be applied to a product, service, and business design. It’s an approach that should be used when designing anything meant to be used by another person—whether that’s a Facebook ad, landing page, onboarding flow, or check-out flow—to understand what that end-user needs. 

We all know that product/market fit is the pre-requisite for growth, yet so many startups fail to achieve it. Design thinking leads you to understand how to make things people want – Which is much easier and has greater odds of success than trying to make people want your thing. 

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