We caught up with Joanna Lord, CMO of ClassPass on how she built brand loyalty. Joanna will be at this year’s StartCon. Reserve your spot now

1. Invest in your community – We aimed at connecting our fitness enthusiasts and the studio owners through events, virtual dialog, and surprise and delight moments. We invested a lot in getting face time with those power users that love our product and also have a ton of great feedback for us to lean on and learn from. Having the dialog running transparently with our consumers and our studio owners has been a key to our brand success.

2.  Celebrate your community’s accomplishments – We run 1,000 club dinners and 500 club events to celebrate those members that hit 1,000 classes or 500 on our platform. We want them to feel special, and we want them to associate us as the brand celebrating them and their accomplishments. In doing that we are so much more than a company, we’re the friend standing next to you reminding you how amazing you are.

3. Invest in beautiful design and copy – Great brands need to be shared, and people share beautiful stories. We work hard but we also have fun, we want fitness to be a great, uplifting experience and we try to bring that joy to every customer touchpoint. This includes marketing but also product touch points and offline ones. By committing to design and great copy early, our brand stood out as one you wanted to be a part of.

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