The countdown is on for the next event.

The venue is locked in.

Your speakers are booked.

Your list is invited and the RSVPs are flooding in.

Everything is on track.

So what else could you do to create an irresistible digital brand for your event?

Something that will generate a buzz before the kick-off, and then live on well after everyone has gone home?

No doubt you have already created a memorable hash tag and promoted its socks off through your email communications, social channels, print collateral and one of the best tools – picking up the phone.

And yet, if you’re looking for something to add the special sauce and to go from a great to a remarkable event, here are three quick and easy tips you can try.

So first up…

1. The Influencer Effect

Question for you. Who are the key influencers for your event?

They are the keynote speaker(s), the well known guests, or the senior leaders from your (or the sponsoring) organization.

They usually come with their own tribe in tow, and generally possess the abilities to partner with your online promotions. So without direction, at best the already networked influencers will help create the digital brand you want, and at worst they could hurt it (with a Trump-style tweet or inaccurate reflection of the event).

So how do you take positively take control of this influencer effect and direct their efforts to creating a ripple effect that amplifies your event?

First step – Make social, part of the overall briefing process. You’re already briefing them about the role on the day, so this could become a part of the process.

With questions/info like:

  • What are the key messages you’d like them to share?
  • What are the types of photos that would best promote your event?
  • What is the hash tag and how should they use it?
  • What are the key moments you’d like them to be featured? Is there something special happening at the event that you’d like them to include? Or a key connection worth snapping away with?

If you’d love their help boosting your promos, you could even draft some social posts that they can simply cut and paste into their social channels. Most speakers or leaders are willing, just time poor. So if you do the work up-front and make it easy for them – the success-rate of social shares will improve and so will the overall amplification of the event through their networks. Win/Win. Easy for them, and on-message for you.

2. Before the Event

Unless you’re selling tickets to a Katy Perry concert, more often then not, selling tickets requires an all-hands on-deck flurry of effort and energy.

From phone calls, to social ads, to emails, to competition and referrals… it’s all on offer and hard at work.

To help, you might consider asking those influencers (your speakers or key leaders) to record a video message used as a teaser for the event. Video content receives high engagement and is often favoured by the social algorhythms.

It can be as simple as a video shot on the phone saying something like the following – “Hi I’m (insert name) and I’m really looking forward to speaking at your event (insert name of conference/event) on (insert date). I’m really pumped to share with you about (insert topic) and I’ll be talking to you about (insert 3 key messages). I know you won’t want to miss this it’s really helped (etc)…”

You’d be amazed how this simple step drives huge engagement and anticipation for the event.

For editing, it doesn’t have to be done through the studio there’s always an app for that. One that I’ve tried is called Magisto. It has templates and styling for your video, and it pieces photo and video together using AI technology for a professional looking result. It’s low cost, fairly easy to use and can all be completed on your phone.

3. After the Event

There is an alarming statistic that says only 25% of information is retained and acted upon even one day after an event or key workshop.

So how do you keep your delegates inspired into action once the excitement is over and they’ve headed home?

My advice is to keep sharing the insights, inspiration and information little by little, over time.

The question for you (and your team) is how can you package up the content from the event or conference to be used as bite-sized content (snackable content)?

Here are a few ideas.

Drip feed content from the event.

What videos did you shoot from the big event? Photos? Key information?

Rather then sending out one email or one social post wrapping up the event. Can you drip feed that content over time?

Provide useful resources.

More often then not your speakers or key leaders will have resources that can be shared after the event. It has the double benefit of further promoting their services, and providing useful tools for your delegates.

Something like a short course on a topic, a PDF fact sheet, a To-Do List or a helpful video.

Could you create a summary video from the event which features all of the main elements? A message from leaders or speakers, photos and key moments.

Or during the event, could you shoot special post-event messages that can cue certain actions and decisions later down the track?

GOOD LUCK! Hope you’ve found a few ideas that are helpful.

Of course, you can also make the most of the event itself with moments for social sharing like pop-up stations, creating experiences worth sharing of awe and intrigue, and always – creating really great content. Go well!