According to a 2016 NSW Department of Industry report, the number of female business operators has increased by 46% in the last twenty years. This increase is largely attributed to numerous supportive programs who target women entrepreneurs, encouraging and helping them to make their startup dreams a reality. For Holly Stephens, this was her vision.

 Founder of Triangles, Holly Stephens (middle)
Founder of Triangles, Holly Stephens (middle)

What is Triangles? 

Holly founded Triangles, a Sydney-based, unique organisation which provides a free online community for entrepreneurial women, female and male leaders to connect and support each other in their pursuit to reach their startup goals. It fosters a community of passionate businessmen and businesswomen who share resources and expertise, creating a network of support. Specifically, it aims to provide women with the tools, guidance and support to start their own businesses and ensure their success in the long run. 

No matter what stage of your professional career they are in, users on Triangles give guidance and insight through fresh perspectives and forums to all seeking support and help. Beyond their online presence, Triangles also organises workshops, Q&A panels and female founder dinners just to name a few events, all aimed at empowering women to venture further into the startup world. They’re growing fast and are planning to scale to London this month! 

‘I’ve connected hundreds of women on that same journey into the startup eco-system through our female leaders, male champions, and investor community’, Holly said. We asked her a few more questions below. 

1. Why do you think it’s so important for more women to get involved in the tech industry? 

Triangles helps women take the first step into entrepreneurship. We do this through an online community and face-to-face workshops, designed to help women test a business idea and start a side-hustle.

It’s important to remove the barriers to women in tech because both genders, working together, have so much more to contribute to the generation and execution of innovation new ideas. We’re all on the same team. If we want to build new industries, and a thriving startup eco-system, we need to take responsibility to call out conscious and unconscious bias’ and work together. There is so much more to be done, beyond just women in tech.

As a non-technical person, that has always been in the industry, both here and in the UK, it’s an exciting place to be. 

2. What are the most valuable things Triangles offers to female entrepreneurs, looking to disrupt the tech industry? 

Triangles signature workshop on ‘How to Start a Side-Hustle’ offers a unbiased advice on how to get started with an idea, what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and how to conduct customer validation to reduce risk of wasting time and energy when starting out. We ensure that men are welcome at all our events. 

The free online community offers peer support and valuable networks across startup eco-system to help recommend follow on education, incubation, acceleration and investment providers. 

Triangles provides an avenue for male champions and female leaders to actively share their expertise and connections to support women in entrepreneurship.Triangles is a global community, providing women that launch a startup with access to new markets. We have members online from around the world, and have launched in London with an on-ground team within our first 6 months of starting up, trained 400 members on how to make their idea a viable business and have over 1000 individuals on the network including 35 Male Champions.

Info on Holly Stephens, Founder of Triangles Holly is the Founder of Triangles helping women take their first step into entrepreneurship, and Founder & CEO of Springstart Marketing, helping tech startups and businesses launch, expand, and sustain users and customers through targeted and growth marketing. She’s been featured on Sky News, StartupDaily and SmartCompany. You can find Holly at: Twitter: @holly_stephensInstagram: @Holly.TrianglesLinkedin:

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