Matt Gallagher, is Founder of Watch Gang, a monthly watch subscription service.  Every month, subscribers receive a new watch valued more than their monthly fee. Having founded the company in September 2016, Matt reached the 100,000 watch shipped just 9 months into business. His subscription service is used around the world and by celebrities including Jamie Foxx. With such a straightforward business model, we asked Matt how he plans on fending off competitors in the market. 

How do you plan on innovating against new competitors?

Always strive to improve and listen to customers. A company is never perfect and customers will always be quick to let you know what you’re doing wrong. Are they right? Can you do better? A single customer providing feedback means 10 who cancelled for the same reason without voicing their concerns.

Take individual feedback seriously and always take steps to provide the best experience possible. Customers know when a company legitimately cares about them. So be authentic and care about your customer. 

Matt will be speaking at StartCon about Building Communities, Not Customers and how to build a healthy, engaged community for your brand. Make sure to secure your tickets to watch him live! 

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