Silicon Valley Heavyweights at Pinterest and Twilio Announced as Speakers at StartCon 2016. 

The Head of Growth (Casey Winters, Pinterest) and VP of Product Management (Patrick Malatack, Twilio) join a dozen Silicon Valley technology veterans arrive in Sydney to teach Australian startups how to grow to the next level on November 26 & 27.

Australian startups are great at bootstrapping, but when it comes to scaling the business to the next level, there is a lot missing. While there are now a large number of early-stage startups in Australia, not a lot of them are generating $10 million or more in revenue.

To get there, a startup needs one thing: growth. Growth is the application of science to marketing, and it has been successfully used by countless Silicon Valley companies to scale revenue into the billions of dollars.

According to the 2015 Startup Muster, only 43% of Australian startups are generating revenue. Studies from Deloitte show that the success rate of Australian startups scaling into sustainable, global businesses, is around half that of Silicon Valley.

To help improve this, a dozen veterans of growth from Silicon Valley and the US will be coming to Sydney to teach Australian startups how to grow revenue to the next level at StartCon, Australia’s largest startup and growth conference at Royal Randwick Racecourse on November 26 & 27.

 Patrick Malatack, VP Product Management at Twilio
Patrick Malatack, VP Product Management at Twilio
 Casey Winters, Head of Growth at Pinterest
Casey Winters, Head of Growth at Pinterest

“Growing online businesses is not black magic, and it’s not some secret hack that makes things all work. As growth practitioners, I think it’s our duty to educate the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem how growth in online business works, so that everyone can build bigger businesses, and so that the best businesses win. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so that I can help in some way”

said Casey Winters, Head of Growth, Pinterest.

Sean Ellis, the founder of GrowthHackers & Qualaroo, is returning for a second year in a row. Named the ‘Godfather of Growth’ after coining the term ‘Growth Hacking’ in 2010 said “I’m very excited to be returning to Australia for StartCon 2016.  Over the last year I’ve gotten to know many growth and marketing professionals in Australia and I’m constantly impressed with their skills and entrepreneurial drive.”

As a seasoned expert on strategies for growing a sustainable business, Sean will not only be speaking on the StartCon main stage but also hosting a 3-hour masterclass for any startup wishing to tap into these emerging best practices for driving growth.

“I have personally worked, hands-on, with over 100 startups with different business models, verticals, platforms, and geographies including North America, Europe, and South East Asia. I am very excited for this opportunity to learn about the Australian Startup Ecosystem: the startup market, the founder mindset, the successes and failures, and meet the new and exciting startups that are being built in Sydney right now.” said Chandini Ammineni, a partner at 500 Startups.

“I am excited to be speaking at StartCon because there are so many great Australian startups. I feel it’s extremely valuable to share growth and startup insights across companies, industries, and even countries to get fresh perspectives and ideas.” said Nate Moch, VP Growth at Zillow, the largest online real estate company in the US.

“Garage Technology Ventures was founded to tap into the globalisation of innovation.  We know that brilliant entrepreneurs come from all over the world, and we have noticed that Australia has a disproportionate share of them.  I am coming to Australia to catch up on what’s going on down under, and to see if there’s something in the water we might be able to bottle.“ said Bill Reichert, Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures.

“Sharing knowledge between ecosystems is a huge contributor to the success and growth of the startups within them, and this is why I have written over 900 essays on startups & growth. As someone who has learnt a great deal from others, I am happy to help share that knowledge with emerging startups. Australia will be a new destination for me so I am excited to meet and learn about the startups there.” said Andrew Chen, Head of Driver Growth at Uber.

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