On October 30th 2015 we announced a big change. SydStart was no more and we were becoming StartCon. 

This came as a shock to the Sydney entrepreneur community who had grown to love SydStart’s annual conference in Sydney. Talking to Sydney entrepreneurs we are often asked the question “why StartCon?” 

The reason is simple, we wanted to create a network for our entrepreneurs that had the ability to span outside of one city.

Like many of the startups whom we have nurtured and encouraged, our ambitions span beyond the local. We want to go global. 

The “Syd” in SydStart restricted us to startups in Sydney or somewhere like Sydenham in Sydney’s inner west. We were keen to build a brand that is not restricted by locale and with that, enable our community to gain content from new places, new communities, and thus build a global network. 

Admittedly, we’re not there yet. We hope that our community will grow with us and watch as StartCon becomes something synonymous with great content for entrepreneurs, be that in person or online.

We’re upping the regularity of our events with a calendar of events already running in Sydney and have every intention of taking things global. 

Watch this space.