Ah, the uni student life. It’s nearly the end of November which means exams are finishing up and chances are you fall into one of these five types of students in the summer. They’re not mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, but all of you should kick off the summer of 2018 the right way. How, you ask? With us. 

The Traveller Characteristics: filled with wanderlust, ready to escape the dull life in Sydney and explore new worlds. The traveller is someone who has probably popped more blood veins organising a trip with friends, or alone, trying to coordinate bookings for tickets, accommodations but strongly holds the belief that it will all be worth it. 

Why StartCon: you never know what the future holds, but what we do know is that at StartCon, anything can happen. Maybe you will score an internship, score a new job, meet someone who is willing to fly you to another country to work for them there. Sydney may be dull, but for the two days StartCon is on, Sydney is where founders, entrepreneurs and the cream of the Australian investment crop flock to. You’re already here, take this opportunity by the horns! 

The StudiousCharacteristics: studyholic, loves studying and consolidating knowledge. They also love preparing for their courses in the semester to come, making sure their foundation knowledge is extensive. Everyone is jealous of their HDs and showing life who’s boss. 

Why StartCon: if you’re interested in the startup space, we promise StartCon will be a learning experience uni can’t offer. With talks from speakers who have decades of hands-on experience, personal and professional enrichment will be served to you on a silver platter. 

The HustlerCharacteristics: has an internship or a vacationer position, ready to take on the real world. Dedicated to working hard to land future offers and enjoys having something to do every day. They live for Friday night drinks, $1 oysters from The Morrison and are completely immersed in the culture of work life. 

Why StartCon: you should never stop searching for new opportunities to learn, grow and apply yourself to do something challenging. With three networking events and an open space to talk to investors and entrepreneurs, StartCon might be where you land a future opportunity. Expand your networks and horizons because the opportunities are endless. 

The Partygoer Characteristics: over the moon that uni and exams are over, Christmas is coming which means it’s time to don the party clothes and let loose! Ready to attend every social occasion there is and keen to create outings too. 

Why StartCon: sure, university is over, but opportunities are ripe at StartCon to not only do some last-minute networking with over 500+ of Sydney’s startups, but to go all out at our before and after parties! With free food and drinks, kicking off your summer the right way with setting your future up and having fun is a go! 

The NetflixerCharacteristics: has a list of shows to smash through before the next semester begins, binge watches series after series, has a favourite bed-lying position which has a spot for snacks. May have dry eyes and weird sleeping patterns from all the binging. Willing to ‘dog the boys’ to squeeze in more episodes.

Why StartCon: we’re sure you will miss the sun (it’s the big yellow ball of hot air in the sky, remember?), so come out and watch the show at StartCon unfold. We promise it’s an exciting two days out of the house, with its own cliffhangers: who will win the pitch competition and get flown to pitch in San Francisco?  

Whether you are ready to stay in bed or work all day, go partying every night and everything in between, these two days can’t be missed. Come kick off Summer of 2017 with us to set yourself up for the future and have fun while doing it – what more could you ask for? 

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