In 2016, WipeHero participated in our Pitch Competition in the hopes of building their brand awareness and reach. Now WipeHero’s CEO, Reza Keshavarzi, stands on our main stage with the trophy for Startcon’s 2017 Startup of the Year Award, held tightly in his hands. His journey proves that an idea comes far when the journey is filled with perseverance and supported by an incredible team. We caught up with Reza to gain an insight into how WipeHero grew and what he has sights on next.



Give us a brief history of when WipeHero started


We started playing around with the idea in 2015 but didn’t officially start until early 2016.


When we started it was basically me and my co-founder running around washing cars. We wanted to test the idea out and see where we can go with it.


How have you grown this year?


This year we’ve grown into 2 cities and gone from us washing cars to having a team of 10-15 in the office and a few dozen Heros washing cars on the road. We’re on track to grow by 10X every year and ultimately on track to eliminate the unnecessary wastage of water and environmental damage caused by washing filthy cars!


What is one piece of advice for people in the early stage of their startup?


The advice I would give to early startups is to stop taking everyone’s advice and start testing because you will die not knowing if you were sitting on gold or not.

What targets in terms of the number of cars cleaned and suburbs reached do you plan on hitting in 2018?


At WipeHero we’re changing the way you take care of your car. For a small monthly fee $49 you won’t ever have to worry about your cars cleanliness. We have amazing things in store for 2018. We will be adding 5 suburbs every month to our already extensive list of suburbs so that more people can enjoy this amazing service.


 A WipeHero's work in progress 
A WipeHero’s work in progress 


What is something exciting that we should watch out for with WipeHero?


Certainly international expansion and a substantially larger domestic presence. Practically anywhere in the world where people have cars and water wastage is a problem we are looking at in the mid-term. It would shock a lot of people to hear the people and companies we are working with behind the scenes to make regular car washing extinct, both at home and abroad.


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