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Luke Anear

Founder & CEO @ SafetyCulture

Performed over 30 million safety checks using iAuditor, the most widely used auditing app in the world
Over 17 years’ of experience in worker’s compensation, safety and compliance, and entrepreneurism. Managed more than 2,500 workplace injury investigations, leading to a desire to develop a solution for critical problems in safety and quality across many industries. Set out to revolutionize safety and quality management in 2004 by creating SafetyCulture, a cloud-based company dedicated to offering innovative, low-cost, mobile-first products that empower users to have a safe and efficient workplace. SafetyCulture’s mobile application, iAuditor, is the most widely used auditing app in the world. iAuditor mobilizes all workers—from the front lines to the corner office—to participate in real-time data collection and reporting in order to quickly recognize and improve workplace safety.

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