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Luke Anear

Founder & CEO @ SafetyCulture

Performed over 30 million safety checks using iAuditor, the most widely used auditing app in the world
Luke is the founder and CEO of Australian tech company SafetyCulture. Luke first came up with the idea for iAuditor, the company’s mobile-first safety and quality inspection checklist app in his garage in Townsville, Queensland, in 2012. Since then it’s grown to be used in 80 countries, by more than 18,000 companies, completing more than 35 million inspections every year. SafetyCulture employs nearly 300 people in five offices around the world and has raised $98 million to date. As the company begins its scale-up journey, It’s working on integrating a new real-time incident reporting experience into its app, building cutting edge IoT capabilities and expanding into micro-learning, including a recent investment in Ed App.

Luke Anear joins a list of 50+ Growth and Marketing Superstars @ StartCon.

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