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Sam Rosenbalm

Director, Partner Business Evangelism @ Microsoft (Asia Pacific)

Every startup is unique!! How can Microsoft support you?
No two startups have been on the same journey. During this 60minute session we’ll hear from the CEO of Gruntify, Jamie Leach, and CEO and Founder of Drawboard PDF, Alistair Michener, about what their startup journey has been like to date. The ups, the downs, the good, the bad and the ugly. They’ll then sit on a panel with Sam Rosenbalm, Microsoft APAC Partner Business Evangelist Manager, where they’ll explore the ways in which Microsoft was able to support Gruntify and Drawboard PDF through the various stages of their growth. We encourage you to come along and join in the conversation via #MicrosoftStartCon.

Sam Rosenbalm joins a list of 50+ Growth and Marketing Superstars @ StartCon.

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