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Tara Shelton

Founder & Creative Director @ Dream & Do

Brand from the Heart: Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?
In a world of excess information and choices, a brand gives you the edge you need to connect to the hearts and minds of your customer. But branding is a mythical creature that just can’t be googled or you-tubed, it needs to be understood. Great branding is not reserved for the big companies who can only afford the big agencies. In just 2 years, Tara’s creative agency, Dream & Do, has turned 80+ businesses into brands and she is here to share how. In this workshop, Tara Shelton will demystify branding and demonstrate three creative techniques to empathise with your customer. She will show you practical examples of how these insights have been applied to create effective brands and invite you to create your own brand destiny.

Tara Shelton joins a list of 50+ Growth and Marketing Superstars @ StartCon.

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