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About the Conference

The largest conference in Australia for entrepreneurs, startups, marketers, and growth & innovation teams at corporates. Actionable insights from the world’s best (that’s you!), to build a bigger, better, faster company through highly-measurable growth and marketing tactics.. The theme for this year is ‘How To Survive & Thrive in Any Economic Environment’.


Royal Randwick Racecourse


November 26 & 27, 2016


9am - 5pm on Both Days



Please note, not all of this information will apply to you depending on your sponsorship level. If you are unsure, please refer to your sponsorship agreement to determine if something is included in your package and whether or not you need to provide information for it.

Please also note, that it is your responsibility to read through this information carefully and let us know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

What we need from you

Company Info

Please complete the following form at your earliest convenience. This will be used for promotion, in the app, and various other conference materials. 

Made a mistake? If you need to update this, simply fill in the form again and we will use the most recent version


Please email our coordinator Jessica, with your logo kit as soon as possible, using the subject line below. Your logo kit should include:

  • Vector logo (.eps format)
  • Vertical & Horizontal versions
  • Colour version, white background version and dark background version
  • Any brand guidelines



Due by: 28th October 2016


Email our coordinator Jessica, with your promo video as soon as possible, using the subject line below. Your material should be as follows: 

  • 2 minutes in length 
  • Video quality must be at least 1080p 



Due by: 1st November 2016

If you are doing a TALK

Presentation Info

You will have approximately 25 minutes on stage for your talk/presentation. You may also allow up to 5 minutes of Q&A for a total of MAX 30 minutes. You may also wish to allocate more time to Q&A from your presentation time, that is at your discretion. Please understand that in order to stay on schedule and keep guests happy you need to finish within your allotted time.

Please enter the details for your topic and speaker details by no later than October 26.


Please submit your slides in 16:9 format using powerpoint or keynote or PDF.

We ask that you have your slides ready by no later than Nov. 15 and submit them to the email below with the subject below. This is particularly important if you have links or videos included in your presentation.

On the day, you may be able to provide us with an updated version if you have made any last minute changes, but please try to give us a ready to go version by the date.


The audience at StartCon is made up of primarily founders and entrepreneurs at varying stages of growing their business. The remainder of the audience includes growth, innovation & marketing teams from corporates and larger companies, along with investors, developers, designers and other business professionals.

Day 1’s content & audience will be more focused on early-stage startups (from idea to launch & first-round funding).

Day 2’s content & audience is more focused on later-stage & high-growth startups and innovation & marketing teams from large companies.

Based on your areas of expertise and topics given you will be placed on

If you have a preference for a certain day please indicate this on the form, we will do our best to accomodate requests. The earlier you are able to fill this in the better chance we are able to accomodate.

Topic & Description

If you have a title topic for your talk along with a short description, we would love to have it! You can change or update it later if you need, but it is helpful for us to know sooner. Please submit your topic info here, by no later than Oct. 26.

Speaker Headshots

Please submit high-resolution headshots by email with the subject listed below. 

Once we have ALL of the information and assets for your talk, it will be placed into a time-slot and the speaker added to the site.

On the Day

To be confirmed.

Due by: 28th October 2016

Conference TICKETs registration

All-Access Passes

Depending on your level of sponsorship, a certain number of All-Access Passes are included with your package. Please refer to your agreement to confirm how many you have been allocated prior to completing this form.

Please note: This is for your allocated All-Access Passes and should be used for team members who want to access all aspects of the conference (networking, workshops, etc.). Each person MUST have a unique email associated with their details as we will be sending out the digital tickets with individual codes to check-in to the address provided. 

Please add all guests by Nov. 20.


These passes are for team members who will be coming to ONLY help man the booth.



Please email your promo item + a short description.

All promotional items must be delivered to the following address by Nov 14

Attn: Jessica Brereton

Level 20,
680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

The most successful promo items are creative and memorable - you want something an attendee will take home and keep for a period of time. 

Due by: 

Promo Item Chosen: 28th October 2016

Promo Item delivered by: 14th November 2016

IF YOU are entering a judge for the pitch comp

Pitch Comp Info

Please refer to your sponsorship agreement to confirm if you are eligible to submit a judge for the Pitch Competition. 

The StartCon Pitch Competition will be running from 9AM to 4PM on Day ONE - Saturday 26th November 2016. Entrants will be divided into 1 of 6 one-hour heats. Finalists from each group will have the opportunity to pitch on the main stage, where a final winner will then be announced. Each judge will be participating in one of these heats, and is free to attend the rest of the conference. 

Judge Headshots

Please submit high-resolution headshots by email with the subject listed below. 

Due by Oct 26.


Contact Info

Cheryl Mack - Head of StartCon  +61 411 226 096

Jess Brereton - Coordinator   +61 405 407 187

Exponet - Please refer to exhibitor's portal - TBD

TL:DR Dates to know

ASAP - Complete the sponsor info form

Oct. 28 - Complete the workshop topic form (if you are hosting a workshop)

Oct. 28 - Complete Judge Info Form 

Oct. 28 - Promo Item Submitted 

Oct. 31 - Final invoice payments to be made

Nov. 14 - Promotional items shipped & delivered

Nov. 10 - Promo Video Submitted 

Nov. 15 - Workshop Slides Completed & Submitted

Nov. 20 - All guests/attendees registered

Nov. 26 - 27 - STARTCON 2016 


StartCon PTY LTD. Level 20, 680 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia